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No secrets between us! Find all the answers to your questions, and let’s start our collaboration with complete transparency. For more information, contact me.


For any service (mural, customization, live painting…), I need as much information as possible before creating a quote. What type of artwork do you want to create? For what occasion? Do you have the necessary materials, or do they need to be provided? For an event, please specify the date, time, and location. Don’t hesitate to be detailed. A good brief is the first step to a successful collaboration!

This can vary from one event to another, but the materials are always at least financed by the client. For customization, you will provide me with the items to personalize, and I will bring all my illustrator’s tools (paint, markers, etc.). For a collaborative mural, I provide most of the materials.

The more, the merrier! I’m always happy to lead DIY workshops for team building or brand events. I always prefer workshops with lettering designed by me. However, I do not offer illustration or lettering courses.

Of course, my creativity knows no bounds. I take my illustrations on journeys throughout France and Europe (and why not around the world?). The transportation and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of my clients. As an American native, I speak both English and French fluently, so let’s meet!

No empty promises, but one certainty: I love a challenge! Contact me by email to present your dream event, and we’ll see if we can turn it into a reality.

Typically, I paint my murals on walls, wood, or glass, but there are (almost) no limits to creativity! Event murals are typically painted on very large canvases (as opposed to a wall). Whether it’s small or large surfaces, I adapt my materials to your needs. For instance, I often use acrylic markers during events because they are highly versatile. Depending on the design or the item to be personalized, a varnish might be necessary.

Yes, I love hosting workshops with the public. No one’s left out; I have just as much fun with adults as I do with children.


Before providing a quote, I need to know the type of surface, the size of the wall (with photos is even better), and the dimensions of the mural. Also, please specify the desired completion date and don’t forget to share all your preferences (colors, illustration style, lettering, etc.). Don’t be shy; the more details, the better!”

The creative brief is essential for starting a project on the right foot. The perfect brief is the one that avoids any confusion. It allows for creating an accurate quote without endless back-and-forth discussions. To brief like a pro, provide me with as much information as possible (formats, constraints, variations, file types, etc.). This is the time to share all your preferences (colors, styles, lettering, etc.). And if you really want to create the perfect brief, you can even share a moodboard with me or photos of my work that you particularly liked!

In most cases, you will only need to provide the surface for the mural. Ideally, I would need one or two stepladders depending on the size of the wall and the available space. If you don’t have them on hand, don’t worry: they can be rented (at your expense). I take care of everything else!

Unfortunately, no. I only paint murals or storefronts that I have designed myself. The goal is to create our perfect design together. Of course, I can incorporate your logo into the final artwork, but only if it’s integrated with other elements that I have designed.

Yes, and with pleasure! I paint murals and storefronts all across France and Europe (and even the whole world, let’s be adventurous). The costs for accommodation, transportation, and material delivery are the responsibility of the client.

Plan for at least one month between signing the quote and the completion of the mural or storefront. Doing things right takes time! This period is necessary for designing and validating the design, sourcing and purchasing materials, as well as preparing for my arrival.

Additional uses of the design are not included in the quote. If you would like to use the mural design for other marketing materials, you can specify this in the initial brief or inform me later. Additional charges will apply to provide the high-resolution file suitable for the intended use as well as for the requested usage rights. For more information, please refer to the “Illustration & Lettering” section of the FAQ.

For each mural or storefront project, a base rate is set for the design work. Then, I estimate the time required to complete the project and apply a daily rate. That’s why a detailed brief is essential: it allows me to offer you a fair price based on your project and the size of the surface. Materials also have fixed prices that vary depending on factors such as the number of colors, tools to rent, etc.

For all murals or large-scale paintings, I use water-based indoor or outdoor paint mixed with color. I have a slight preference for satin finishes. My angled brushes are made in the USA and are 1 inch wide. My other brushes come from French hardware stores.

Illustration & lettering

To provide a quote, I need as many details as possible: the deadline, technical constraints, usage rights… Last but definitely not least: the creative brief! It’s what allows me to thoroughly understand your needs and start our project off on the right foot.

The creative brief is the first step towards a successful collaboration. It helps avoid misunderstandings and establishes a fair quote. The perfect brief is the one that avoids endless back-and-forths. Provide me with as much information as possible (formats, variations, technical constraints, file types, etc.). Let your heart speak: share your hopes for colors and styles with me. To brief like a pro, you can provide a moodboard or examples of my work that you appreciate.

There are three important pieces of information to establish usage rights. First, the duration: for how long will the illustration be used? Second, the territory: where will the design be used? For your information, the web is a worldwide territory by default. And finally, the mediums: in what form will the design be used? Be specific! Any medium or usage not declared in the quote will be charged as an additional fee.

It’s not mandatory, but it’s certainly possible! If you don’t have a graphic design guideline ready, no problem – you can simply share your color preferences (warm, cool, pastel, pop… it’s up to you!)

I can create logos or graphic design guidelines for short-term projects (such as a special promotion). However, I do not offer logo or brand identity creation services for brand launches or redesigns.

I’d love to say yes, but let’s be honest… it’s not my strong suit! I only create very simple (and cute) animations. You can find some examples on my Instagram account.

With experience, I’ve become the queen of tight deadlines! But I think we can agree that it’s not the ideal condition for a project. The best scenario is to plan for as much time as possible. Ideally, allow for one month minimum between signing the quote and the final delivery. Turnaround times may vary depending on the size of the illustration. Contact me, and we’ll see what we can do! It will also depend on the amount of other projects I am working on in parrallel at the time.

Often, it all starts with a black and white sketch to test design options. Then, there’s line cleaning and the addition of various colors. Between each step, I leave room for one or two rounds of revisions with the client, depending on the conditions established during the quote signing. Of course, everything can vary depending on the projects.

Every project is unique! I’ve been doing this job for years, which has allowed me to learn how to estimate the time required from signing the quote to the final delivery. Depending on the type of work (illustration, lettering, layout, variations, execution…), a fixed daily rate is applied. Of course, you will see the details in your quote!

My digital illustration toolkit consists of an iPad Pro, Procreate, and the Apple Pencil. I finalize my files with a touch of Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign if necessary.


Jonesie comes from my last name, Jones. It’s pronounced “Djon-zie,” although it’s not uncommon for people to say “Jonésie” in the French way with an accent on the e (don’t worry, I won’t hold it against you) 🙂

Nope! As they say, I was “born in the USA,” and I lived there until 2012 before coming to France for six months (and never leaving). I loved it so much that in 2019, I became a naturalized French citizen.

I’ve never formally studied lettering or illustration, but I’ve been playing with letters since my childhood. Fun fact: I used to change my handwriting regularly at school to try out new styles. Around 2017, I began to make it the focal point of my career.

I’m not currently looking for interns. I work as a freelancer, which means I encounter many different profiles through my projects. I don’t have the time or space to train someone at the moment. If that changes, I’ll share the information on Instagram (follow me to stay updated on my news).

For those who may not know, I started Studio Jonesie with embroidery in 2015. However, I decided to evolve my business and set embroidery aside. Whether it’s for an event or customizing objects, I now prefer illustration and lettering.

Not anymore! I used to sell embroidered t-shirts and sweaters, stationery (posters, greeting cards, notepads…), accessories (keychains, mugs, pins…), and many other lovely products on my old online shop. It was a great adventure, but it was also time for a new chapter. Now I prefer to dedicate 100% of my time to my illustrations, lettering, murals, and events for brands. You are my number one project!

With great pleasure, I love to chat! I’ve already done many and I’d be delighted to do more. Feel free to contact me to discuss it.

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