Create unforgettable events

Organize a unique and colorful event! Create collaborative murals with your guests, provide the perfect gift for your clients, or witness the live creation process. I travel with my illustrations and lettering throughout France and Europe to help you build connections and memories through art.

Live Painting

Be amazed by livening up your events with the creation of a live fresco. Let your artistic soul speak with an inspiring and surprising show.


Organize your team-building activity or have a collaborative mural created for your clients at an event. Enhance your brand image with an original work of art.


Offer a unique experience to your boutique customers or event attendees with product customization. Pop, colorful, and fun – we’ve officially found the perfect gift!

Have some questions?

For any service (mural, customization, live painting…), I need as much information as possible before creating a quote. What type of artwork do you want to create? For what occasion? Do you have the necessary equipment? For an event, please specify the date, time, and location. Don’t hesitate to be detailed. A good brief is the first step to a successful collaboration!

This can vary from one event to another, but the materials are always at least financed by the client. For customization (in most cases), you will provide the objects to be personalized and I will bring all my illustrator paraphernalia (paint, markers, etc.)

Of course, my creativity knows no bounds. I take my illustrations on journeys throughout France and Europe (and why not around the world?). The transportation and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of my clients. As an American native, I speak both English and French fluently, so let’s meet!

Typically, I paint my murals on walls, wood, or glass, but there are (almost) no limits to creativity! Event murals are typically painted on very large canvases (as opposed to a wall). Whether it’s small or large surfaces, I adapt my materials to your needs. For instance, I often use acrylic markers during events because they are highly versatile. Depending on the design or the item to be personalized, a varnish might be necessary.

Do you have any other questions? Go to the complete FAQ.

Why organize a creative event?

As an illustrator and artist based in Paris, I travel throughout France and Europe to assist creative brands in organizing inspiring events. Whether it’s parties, festivals, workshops, live painting – I put my illustrations and lettering to work to bring your ideas to life and create a unique experience.

Design the perfect event for your brand

Collaborative murals, team-building activities, product customization, workshops, live hand-painted murals, and much more! Share your project with me, and together, we can create a customized service that aligns with your vision. The possibilities are endless for sharing unforgettable moments.

To create the perfect event for your business, I carefully listen to your desires and gather all your creative inspirations. Through our discussions, I get to know your target audience and understand your brand universe to provide you with a tailored service that meets your objectives. To learn more about the event creation process, check out the FAQ.

Should we meet?

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